Stretch Therapy


Flexibility and range of motion are critical to your health and well-being, which is why we integrate leading-edge stretching techniques into our clients’ personalized training plans.

Fascial Stretch Therapy (FST)

Customized to individual needs, FST is a pain-free stretching technique designed to reduce or eliminate pain related to a lack of mobility and flexibility. 

Supported by extensive evidence-based studies, FST focuses on fluent transitions between stretches and on optimal functioning of neural, muscular, and fascia systems. 

As a result, FST improves flexibility and mobility, reduces stress and enhances sleep quality and overall well-being.

Active Isolated Stretching (AIS)

AIS is a stretching technique that lengthens and strengthens muscle tissue with minimal discomfort. Our muscles have two major functions: to either contract or relax. 

The idea behind AIS is to hold a stretch for one to two seconds, to relax, and then to repeat the movement 10 to 15 times for one to two sets. This approach increases oxygen flow to the muscle and improves range of motion – without (over)stretching too far or too fast.